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“We help woman speak, feel and trust”


Willing Women Online course

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WILLING WOMEN Activate Online

Experience the power of the Willing Women online course

The 9 Consious Choices 

 Qualified instructors take you through this course of discovery and self empowerment. 

It’s a program, a language, a state of empowerment. 


WILLING WOMEN Activate Program workshops and online learning

A program, a language,

a state of being

The 9CCs

Georgia Phillips 

Kym Haynes 

Willing Women the addictive world programs

20th October
18th November


WILLING WOMEN Activate workshops

20th October 2018

18th November 2018

9.am to 2pm 

Venue: 557 Mt Cotton Rd, SHELDON

Cost: $150 for each workshop / includes workbook


“Holistic, realistic approach”

“Real heart connection”

“Feeling of safety to share and verbalise”

“Awakening, bringing my consciousness back to self”

“Given me confidence to just be me”

“It was quite easy to step up, as the space felt safe”

“Showing up, speaking in front of people”

“Learnt about other good contacts and connections”

THE ACTIVATE PROGRAM allows you, in one day, to work incrementally through ‘the 9 Conscious Choices, delve into each one’s meaning and relevance to you, and then investigate how that pattern of thinking and behaviour has influenced you in your life … and sometimes its been destructive and self-sabotaging.

Willing Women ACTIVATE


“1. My voice is important.”

“2. Change is uncomfortable.”

“3. Courage to truthfully connect with other woman.”

21ST July 2018

18th August 2018

30th September 2018

20th October 2018

18th November 2018


Duration:9 am to 2 pm 

Venue: 557 Mt Cotton Rd, SHELDON

Dress: Comfortable Clothes

Cost: $150 for each workshop / includes workbook



“A program, a language, a state of being” to “A program, a language, a generational disrupter, an informed decision maker.

”We are moving through a time where our woman-culture has produced a movement towards perfectionism and people pleasing, especially within the family system. It’s easy to stay quiet, hide in our families, blanket ourselves and blend into the furniture creating exhaustion, resentment, and loneliness due to our unmet needs.
Willing Women teaches you to show up, woman-up, and move forward and be breathtaking. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman in her truth.

“Our groups are open for woman 18+”

“Every time I evolve, I create a new program.
I am challenged to walk my talk and live the message.
I had to face my own failure and fears, when together with my business partner Kym Haynes we wrote ‘the 9 Conscious Choices program for Willing Women’.”

We both had to stand on the front line and come face to face with criticism and courage when we piloted our groups for 2 years and we had to challenge all the stories we made up to protect ourselves.


Shelly is a woman, who walked from her life of being a sex worker, to become a productive worker so she could care and commit to her own son.” (CC 4: I can trust and be true to my self)

Joanne was feeling isolated after going through a tough divorce, she was struggling with financial and life strategies so decided to reach out for support. (CC 8: I choose to speak with the people who support me)

Jenny, a business woman, experienced domestic violence regularly. After connecting with the Willing Woman social group, she found her new voice, and became connected. (CC 6: Holding onto shame is toxic)

Angela was filling her life up with food, being a mum of 5, she didn’t have the adult company she desired, eventually she started to look for a solutions to her unhappiness, thus finding the Willing Woman group (CC 9: My choice to recover me, empowers me)



Willing Women ACTIVATE, one day Program

“ Is the recovery of you, and discovery of meeting your own needs.”

Face to face, hand in hand, real women, real conversation, real connections so valuable in this virtual world. Everyone needs to be heard and that happens for us in-person, not online.

We may forget the words but we never forget how the connection feels.